About Raffael Himmelsbach

Dr. Raffael Himmelsbach is co-director and open innovation in science manager of the Ludwig Boltzmann research group “Senescence and Healing of Wounds” (SHoW). SHoW is the product of an  Open Innovation in Science priority setting campaign. During four years, the  group will investigate wound healing in the context of ageing in a transdisciplinary manner.

Himmelsbach earned his PhD in political science from the University of Lausanne in 2014, followed by postdoc appointments at Linköping University and Aarhus University. Most recently he worked at the Centre for Digital Life Norway, a multi-sited biotechnology research collaboration of several Norwegian universities. As the center coordinator, he closely worked with the center leadership on strategic processes and led a team of research support professionals.

For more information, visit Raffael’s ResearchGate and LinkedIn profiles.